Meet Chase Leftwich, Co-Founder

Chase probably doing something important.

Chase probably doing something important.


Chase Leftwich

Job Title

Co-Founder, Operations Director

Chase and Austin checking product.

Chase and Austin checking product.

What brought you to TexMalt?

Being from an ag community such as Lubbock, TX and spending a lot of time on my Grandmother's farm growing up I have always had a special place in my heart for the hard working farming families in Texas. When I got into home brewing the question was always there, where do these ingredients come from and why can't they be sourced locally? From knowing farmers like the ones in the Texas panhandle I knew that quality grains for malting could be grown. It was up to Austin and me to learn the intensive process to make these grains available for craft breweries and distilleries. Today we have a network of incredible farmers who grow a variety of grains which we turn into a quality malted product that results in a super unique and delicious end product.

Which TexMalt product is your favorite?

My favorite TexMalt product would have to be the malted rye. One of the main varieties of rye we malt is Elbon which the unique character of rye coupled with the climate and soil of the Texas pan handle makes a very flavorful malt. If you like Rye whiskys or beer our malted rye will take it to the next level.

Favorite Beer or Spirit made with TexMalt Products?

My favorite so far is a Roggenbier beer made by our assistant maltster Juan Corrales. The grain bill for that beer was 50% of our Munich malt and 50% of our Rye Malt.

People would be surprised to know:

How much shoveling we do. No need for a gym membership when you're a maltster.

Chase and Wife, Breck.

Chase and Wife, Breck.

What do you like to do when you're not at work?

Relaxing with the family is my favorite post-work activity.

Favorite Band?

Led Zeppelin

Favorite Movie?


It's the end of a long day of tossing grain bags, what drink do you reach for?

Can't ever pass up good glass of bourbon. There are a lot of distilleries in Texas these days making some good stuff.

Where are you from?

Lubbock, TX

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