Meet Austin Schumacher, Co-Founder

Austin’s favorite workout.

Austin’s favorite workout.


Austin Schumacher

Job Title

Co-Founder, Business Development, Truck Driver, Bagging Seamstress

Co-Founders Chase and Austin

Co-Founders Chase and Austin

What brought you to TexMalt?

A passion for home brewing and the initial shock of learning about the lack of Texas produced malted ingredients. I wanted to brew a beer with locally sourced grains. I also started to realize the impact the malting process can have.

Which TexMalt product is your favorite?

Our Texas Pilsner Malt. The terroir of this central Texas grown barley combined with our traditional floor malting practice creates a fantastic and unique flavor profile. Earthy, Crisp, Sweet.

Favorite Beer or Spirit made with TexMalt Products?

The Single Malt Whiskey from Acre Distilling that is made with 100% of our Texas Wildfire Pale Malt is maturing beautifully. I look forward to seeing how it has changed every time I am over for tasting.

People would be surprised to know:

I am allergic to basically every part of the malting process that I come into contact with everyday.

What do you like to do when you're not at work?

Cooking. My wife and I both love to experiment in the kitchen and are always trying new recipes and tweaking our favorites.

Austin with his Wife and Daughter.

Austin with his Wife and Daughter.

Favorite Band?

Tough question. I listen to everything from Deep House and Electronic to Texas Country and Classic Rock. I'll go with Lynard Skynard. #legends

Favorite Movie?

Poolhall Junkies

It's the end of a long day of tossing grain bags, what drink do you reach for?

Funkwerks Saison, I find it refreshing and oh so satisfying

Where are you from?

Houston, Texas

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